Care & Maintenance for Solid Surface Countertops

Daily Care

For general cleaning, just use soap and water or any ammonia based household cleaners. For stubborn stains, use a mild abrasive cleaner or a diluted solution of bleach. For Solid Surface sinks, occasionally clean by filling the sink one-quarter with a water/bleach solution. Let it soak for 15 minutes, then wash the sides and bottom as the solution drains.


To remove light scratches and to renew the finish, use a combination of mild abrasive and a 3M Scotch-Brite brand green “Kitchen Scrub” pad or the equivalent 3M Industrial Scotch-Brite brand maroon pad.


Matte Finish : To remove deep scratches and cuts, use a 240grit sandpaper using a sanding block. Sand until the scratch disappears. Be sure to feather out the area so that you do not leave a low spot in your counter top. Next, restore the finish by using a mild abrasive cleaner and a 3M Scotch-Brite brand green “Kitchen Scrub” pad or the equivalent 3M Industrial Scotch-Brite brand maroon pad.

Satin Finish : Same as above except after the 240 grit sandpaper, use 400 then 600 grit wet sandpaper. Then use soap and water with a 3M Scotch-Brite brand grey/white pad.

Removing cuts and scratches

To maintain the beauty of solid top al the way through, please contact your distributor who would arrange for the polishing service at a nominal charge.


To prevent damage to your counter top, take care to follow a few simple guidelines.

A. Do not set hot pan or skillets directly on your counter top. Use a heat resistant pad or Trivet between your hot pans and the counter top. The same applies to Toaster Ovens, Crock-pots, electric frying pans, etc..

B. Do not cut items directly on your counter top, as this will increase your maintenance. Always use a cutting board to protect your counter top from cuts and scratches.

C. If you should spill any chemical on your counter top, simple remove the product and flush with water. Avoid harsh chemicals such as drain cleaners, paint removers and oven cleaners.

D. When pouring boiling water into the Solid Surface sink, do so only while running cold water to prevent your sink from cracking.

Sanding Tip: Sprinkle water onto the surface before each sanding in a circular motion and wipe the surface clean with a dry cotton cloth or paper towel between each sanding.

Note: Dark color may require more maintenance