Bay Window

Why “Solid Surface” is the most suitable material for Bay Window Bench

1) Solid Surface vs Wood

Absentmindedness of closing the windows during rainy days, thus permitting rain splattering into the room causing damage to wood based material.

2) Solid Surface vs Concrete

  • Easy to clean, unlike bare concrete where you have to re-paint.
  • More inviting & complete, unless you prefer the minimalistic look.
  • Provide an additional seating area when you have a large number of guests

3) Solid Surface vs Cushion

Coffee, tea, coke, pepsi, wine, etc. spillages can be easily wiped off, unlike cushions where you have to send to the dry cleaners.

4) Solid Surface vs Granite/Marble

  • For lengthy or “L-Shape” Bay Windows, Solid Surface material is seamless, unlike Granite/Marble which has a grouting (joint line).
  • Less porous, unlike Granite/Marble which stains easily.
  • Comfortable to sit on in your shorts as it is NOT cold to the touch, unlike Granite/Marble.